When in Rome…(finally) write about the street art at Spagna

Spagna used to be the metro station we most used. Then The Roman decided Barberini was the best to use. But recently we did once more use Spagna. We decided it was time to properly record the street art. We’ll start with the Pope.

Here’s some from the exterior.

And we’ll end with this: on the other side of the ticket office to The Pope.

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When in Rome…take a Monday stroll

One of the great things about August is that we often spend one or more full day Mondays in la cittΓ  bella. We took advantage of this to capture things on our journeys between here and there. We hope you enjoy them, starting with this.

A rare sight in the historic centre these days: a Mary with no graffiti and no fly-tipping.

Something written in a public convenience. ‘Stupid who reads’ augmented to ‘Stupid who defends the law’.

A Mary with light and shade.

Something framed.

Something of the colours of Rome.

Back now to il solito: historic centre, vegetation, and Il Degrado.

This on the side of San Silvestro in Capite.

The aforementioned Mary in close-up.

Some art.

And a reflection in Piazza di San Silvestro.

Another from Piazza di San Silvestro.

Belle cose, no?

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When in Rome…see Sacri Cuori di GesuΜ€ e Maria on Via Poggio Moiano

Readers, prepare yourselves. For another twentieth century church. And for The Stations of The Cross it contains, amongst the best we’ve seen in the city, and certainly our favourite – to date, that is. Here are just three of them.

Wonderful, no?

They are in the church of Sacri Cuori di GesΓΉ e Maria, or the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, if you prefer.

Located on Via Poggio Moiano, the church was built in 1957. Whatever you may think – or may not think – about modern architecture, it has some stunning pieces of detail, of which Via Crucis is just one. You can see everything else we captured here. Below is just a selection of things.

But let’s end with The Stations of The Cross. They’re the work of Sergio Marcelli and you can see them in full on his website here. Fabulous!

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When in Rome…take a Sunday stroll

The Sunday after the latest Saturday strolls saw us stroll again. You can study the shots here. Below is a selection to give you a taste.

We start with this advertisement from the Italian Post Office.

Then a sign advising tour guides not to speak too loudly.

A patriotic display.

‘I hate everyone’.

A reminder of Fosse Ardeatine.

Some detail.

And some more.

An indication of the temperature. 😍😍😍😍😍

A glimpse of GesΓΉ.

Near the Ghetto.

In the Ghetto: kosher pizza. 😍😍😍😍😍

A typical Roman scene – it could be any street in the historic centre.

No commentary is necessary.

A protest against the local transport company.



Palazzo Doria Pamphilj at the going down of the sun.


Street art.

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When in Rome…take a Saturday afternoon stroll

Having spent Saturday morning wandering about, we spent quite a bit of Saturday afternoon in St Peter’s Square finishing this fabulous book. It was a fitting venue given that in Lillian Bilocca Hessle Road had its very own Sora Lella.

Having finished the book, we left the piazza but not before capturing this.

Then this piece of detail on Borgo Santo Spirito.

This Mary on Via dei Penitenzieri.

Some works of art on Piazza della Rovere.

Then some things on the Lungotevere running more or less parallel to Via Giulia.

This on Via di Sant’Eligio. Notes about not dumping rubbish. You’ll note that rubbish has been dumped.

Another from the Lungotevere.

And now one we’re not sure from where.

These on Via dei Cappellari, the Mary being something we can never photograph too often.

This on Via di Sant’Apollinare.

These from Via dei Portoghesi.

This could be any street in the historic centre.

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When in Rome…take a Saturday morning stroll

We’ve not had a walk together for a while, have we? So today, let’s have a wander about on a Saturday morning.

We’re starting with this shot of Piazza di San Silvestro, taken from the bus stop more or less outside San Claudio.

A few images from Viale del Campo Boario in Ostiense.

Some posters advertising an exhibition on the walls of Rome.

Something charming near Teatro Marcello.

This at the bottom of steps up to the Campidoglio.

Something to make us cry out ‘AIUTO!’ just off Piazza Venezia.

Something to reflect on in Piazza Santi Apostoli.

Something charming in the historic centre – and no we’re not talking about the sampietrini.

Finally, this which demonstrates that art is everywhere.

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When in Rome…see (the exterior of) San Pio X on Piazza della Balduina

In December 2015, we came across this church during our walk down Via della Balduina. It has taken us until now – and with thanks to Google maps – to discover that it is a church dedicated to Pope St Pius X. San Pio was built in 1961 and is located on Piazza della Balduina. As you can see it’s architecture is striking.

Let’s hope we get to see the interior one day.

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