When in Rome…see GesΓΉ Buon Pastore alla Montagnola on Via Luigi Perna

Luigi Perna was an Italian partisan, who died just short of his 22nd birthday on 10th September 1943 while defending his city from invading German soldiers. There is a street named after him in the Montagnola district. On the street stands a church dedicated to Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd. Built in the 1950s, GesΓΉ Buon Pastore alla Montagnola is without doubt one of the most ‘gob smacking’ churches we’ve ever seen in The Eternal City. We were transfixed by the stunning frescoes painted by Osvaldo Licini. You can see them, and many other things, here. Those below will give you a general idea.

This is our favourite by far which is why we’re starting with it.

And in a slightly different light.

Bellissima chiesa, no?

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When in Rome…record March Moments – Part Ten of Ten

What better way to commence our concluding despatch about March’s moments than with this piece of art?

And a sky and reflection in a window at the Ara Pacis.

More of the sky – but can you spot the differences?

Did we mention the sky?

Are you sure we did? Because it even comes with shadow.

And in different shades of blue.

A plant.

Lots going on.

A couple more spot the differences.

Light and shade.


The Trevi Fountain.

And with our back to it.

Pieces of detail at Fiumicino.

And something political saying roughly that the Grillini (supporters of the Five Star Movement) are good at protesting, but not at governing and that only the ignorant vote for the League.

We hope you’ve enjoyed sharing these moments with us. There’ll be some from April too.

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When in Rome…record March Moments – Part Nine of Ten

Who could complain with Oscar Wilde providing the opening of our ninth despatch about The Moments of March? This taken in a shop at the Da Vinci shopping complex.

And something that caused a smile.

The something else wonderfully Roman.

A war memorial.

Some realia.

Discarded cap. On sampietrini.

Last bits of the sun.

Something that cries ‘Rome’.

And something else that does too.

Verano – and the statue of Pope Pius XII just outside the main entrance.

The last of the afternoon on some previously unexplored edges of Villa Borghese.

Pieces of Piazza del Popolo.

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When in Rome…record March Moments – Part Eight of Ten

The eighth of our despatches about the moments we experienced in March opens with this piece of street art. We love it, not least the way it is perched on the top of the metal rail. Bravo to the artist.

More street art.


More shutter art.

Something that remains.

Bella Roma.


Light and shade.

K2M just off Via del Corso.

Some more street art.

Piazza del Popolo features quite a bit from now on in.

Back to shutter art.

And other forms of art.

Some detail on Via del Corso.


And something else.

A lot going on just off Via del Tritone.

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When in Rome…see (the exterior of) Sacra Famiglia alla Garbatella on Via David Salinieri

In April, we spent part of the day in Garbatella 😍😍😍 visiting churches 😍😍😍😍😍. One of them we saw only the exterior of was Sacra Famiglia alla Garbatella.  Located on Via David Salinieri, The Holy Family dates from the mid-20th century. Although we didn’t get inside, you can see some of the interior here.

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When in Rome…record March Moments – Part Seven of Ten

Art can take many forms and can indeed be in the written word as the first moment of despatch seven shows us.

A bit of detail.

And another.

Some of the colours and texts of bella Roma.

Some graffiti art, if you will.

Some interpretation.

A reminder.

A piece of art?

Looking onto the Tiber.

A cross.

A sky.

Something more modern.


Some street art.

Something political.

And back to the art.

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When in Rome…record March Moments – Part Six of Ten

The sky and the sun going down is the moment that opens despatch number six about i momenti di marzo.

Because we can never resist an open door.

A Clet Abraham and much else besides.

Something useful.

Is it art?

Some detail.

Some street art.

Another reminded of a time past.

As Miss Aretha Franklin would say, a rose is still a rose.

Something typically Roman.

And something else.

Another door.

Some decoration.

Some realia.

A threatening sky.

At the foot of The Cross.

Looking up.

A new piece of Qwerty?

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