When in Lazio…visit Montevirginio

From Vejano, it was on to Montevirgino. When asked what points they would award it, Il Romano, in their wonderfully Roman way, responded, ‘ZERO’. Hardly had they taken another breath, than they commented, ‘Actually less than zero.’ They had not been impressed by this in the church.

Basically, it’s saying that if small change isn’t useful for you, it won’t be useful for others. Yes, indeedy!

Anyway, as you can see from the pictures accessible here, there wasn’t much that captured our eye. Some of the key things that did are below.

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When in Lazio…visit Barbarano Romano

On Easter Monday, or La Pasquetta as the Italians would say, we set off with La Nostra Guida for another of those famed day trips around Lazio. Our first port of call was some 50 plus kilometres from Rome. Barbarano Romano is in the province of Viterbo and is AMAZING! But don’t just take my word for it, take also Our Guide’s. Within minutes they declaimed, ‘9’. When we asked, ‘9 what?’, they replied, ‘9 points’. Later, on reflection, they increased this to 10 points. Yes, indeed. You can judge for yourself here and, if that doesn’t satisfy you, you can watch something of this wonderful place in this episode of ‘Borghi d’Italia’. Below gives you just a flavour.

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When in Rome…see the Sacred Shrine of Via dei Coronari

On that most memorable of The Fifty Walks, the one from Via dei Portoghesi to Via dei Coronari, we caught a glimpse of this structure.

Given it is described as the most celebrated sacred shrine that gave its name to part of Rione V, we thought it was worthy of a despatch of its own.

In addition to the architecture. there is the interpretation.

And it now comes with a twenty-first twist: ‘Please do not throw rubbish under this monument! A little civility!’

More recently, we caught it in close-up.

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When in Rome…see Santa Maria in Montesanto on Piazza del Popolo

Let’s stay in Piazza del Popolo for another week. This time, we’ll go to one of the twin 17th century churches on the square: Santa Maria in Montesanto. Our Lady of Montesanto is Rome’s ‘Church of The Artists’. Fittingly, given that, this is what first caught our eye on entering at Christmas.

A funkay nativity scene, no?

Then we were straight onto the traditional architectural detail, albeit obscured by something more recent.

Something in close-up and gold.

Something to look up to.

Something light and dark.

Some detail.

And the favourite thing we saw.

The other things can be examined here.

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