When in Rome…experience Private Godfrey’s worst nightmare

Now July is well and true upon us, indeed almost over, cries of ‘che caldo’ are to be heard in every place. With this in mind, we passed some of this month’s visit photographing some of the detail of some of the fountains that are dotted about the city. As we did so, we thought of dear old Private Godfrey. Had he ever visited la città bella, what a nightmare Rome must have been for him.

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When in Rome…see Santa Maria del Carmine alle Tre Cannalle on Via del Carmine

Just over a year ago, we lingered outside Santa Maria del Carmine alle Tre Cannalle, admiring the architectural detail of its exterior. wondering if we would ever see its interior. Happily, we now have for during our Easter visit, we walked by St Mary’s and saw her door open. Such joy! Even more joy as we wandered round soaking up her beauty, such as that below and here.

Further joy was had by our conversation with one of the priests. He very kindly showed us this double-sided painting.

Fantastico, no?

Conversation over, we continued our study tour, during which these two things particularly caught our eye.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it was worth waiting almost ten years to see inside Santa Maria, wasn’t it?

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When in Rome…walk down Vicolo di San Giuliano

Vicolo di San Giuliano is one of those tiny streets in the centro storico by which you cannot fail to be charmed. Off Via dei Banchi Nuovi and Via di Panico/Via di Monte Giordano, it has everything that a quintessentially Roman street needs to have.

Let’s start with a doorway surrounded by some plants.

And move onto what seems to be some ‘art’, with a window reflecting something beautiful.

Then there’s the shot onto a street from which the Vicolo runs, which doubles as illustrative of the light.

One of those marvellous notes i romani write.

And yon end of the Vicolo.

Architectural detail acting as a showcase for the light. Did I mention the light?


And another, albeit not as close-up.

And in close-up.

Architectural detail ever upwards.

And zoomed into.

Some neglect and decay augmented by fly-tipping.

With ‘abusivo’ postings, and a bit of street clutter.

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When in Rome…see (the exterior of) Santa Maria della Fiducia on Via Casilina

At 1837 Via Casilina, or Via Casilina 1837 to do it the Italian way, stands a church dedicated to Our Lady of Trust. Santa Maria della Fiducia was built in the twentieth century and you can see something of her exterior below.

Let’s hope we get to see the church’s interior one day.

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When in Rome…see Palazzo Odescalchi – #Rome10YearsOnTour

The courtyard of Palazzo Odescalchi on Piazza Santi Apostoli: OMFG, OMFG, OMFG. Readers, it was a highlight of the 29 we saw. Large, stuffed with statues, the setting for the full glory of The Light of Rome, we were completely enamoured of the courtyard by the time we left. You can wander round in our footsteps here with those below to kick off the little tour.

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