When in Rome…(see the exterior of) Sant’Anna dei Palafrenieri on Via di Porta Angelica

If you approach the Vatican and St Peter’s Square from Piazza del Risorgimento you will walk down Via di Porta Angelica. As you do so, you will pass Sant’Anna dei Palafrenieri. It is dedicated to St Mary’s Mother, or one of Jesus’s Grandmothers if you prefer, St Anne, and dates from the 16th century. You can see some of its exterior below, starting with a photo that is possibly one of the other churches that line the Via del Pellegrino inside the walls of Vatican City: Sant’Egidio a Borgo and San Pellegrino in Vaticano. As for the interior, I have actually seen it, finally summoning up courage to cross into The Vatican, but wasn’t able to photograph it due to people gathering for a service.

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When in Rome…record the street art at La Giustiniana

In September, I found myself at La Giustiniana railway station awaiting a train to take me back into the centre of town. As I had some time to kill, I was able to record some of the art with which the station has been blessed, starting with this: ‘Find the pin that opens your heart’.

And hopefully you’ll do so before you face la fine.

There were also various poems, with apologies for their non-translation.

This one starts with ‘I imagine us already old’.

‘The journey’.

‘The wait’.

The some portraits, of which we know only one: Anna Magnani.

On the art went.

And finally some realia – and also philosophy, perhaps, for when in Rome?

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When in Rome…experience i momenti di Settembre 2019 – 3/4

Despatch three about the September moments opens with this. Can you imagine all the things that that tree will have witnessed during its life on the Via Appia Nuova?

At Re di Roma, I was astounded by these heels.

And it being a warm day knew how this canine felt.

Then it was some street art that caught my eye.

And something more from a tree.

This on Piazza di Villa Wolkonski, location of the British Ambassador’s residence, apparently.

A view down to San Vito.

And a view up to Santa Prassede, if memory serves.

Being looked down on, Rome-style.

Looking down to Santa Maria Maggiore.

The mind boggles as to how they got there.

Something green amongst the mustard.

Fosse Ardeatine again.

Something indelibly Roman.

More street art.

This I loved because of all the shutters.

More street art.

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When in Rome…visit Santissimo Sacramento delle Suore di San Giovanni Battista on Circonvallazione Cornelia

In April 2018, I wrote a short despatch about the exterior of Santissimo Sacramento delle Suore di San Giovanni Battista on Circonvallazione Cornelia which I had photographed in September 2017. You can refresh yourself about that here.

In April of this year, I summoned up the courage to enter the complex and take some close-up shots of the church’s exterior.

Then in June, I found the church open and managed to take these two photographs including of the sisters.

And I also recorded these two features on the doors.

It’s been worth waiting almost seven years to see the interior, no?

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When in Rome…record the flight to Blighty in August 2018

For the second of my Saturday sky series, I’m taking you back to August 2018 and to this view as I sat on the plane at Fiumicino waiting to take off for London.

I can’t now remember what I was doing on that flight, but as there are only two more photographs of it, I must have been doing something.

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When in Lazio…visit Terracina – 1/6

You may remember that in September we paid a flying visit to Terracina. We went back last month and in the short time we spent there – it felt rather less than the hour usually conceded to us by The Roman for exploring somewhere – we managed to take enough photos for six despatches. Result!

Anyway, as with our original trip, we started at Cantina di Sant’Andrea and with this sign: ‘Years, loves and glasses of wine never count’. Welcome to Italy. 😍💓😍💓😍

Of course, I couldn’t resist capturing something of the flowers.

Or of the views from the entrance. I shall have to go back to this part of Lazio and with a video recorded for what you see below is far from the best of the landscapes which this area boasts.

Now to Terracina itself. Of course, it dates back to ancient times – what doesn’t here, you may be asking yourself?! You can read her full story here and see what I had time to record in the images below and in the ones to come. I hope you enjoy the trip!

The Porta Romana.

One of the doors in the gate.

And the other.

From the reverse side. You’ll have clocked the October sky – in the Northern Hemisphere.

Some seeming neglect and decay and a doorway – how could I not share it with you?!

The church of purgatory.

Bella no, even if in need of some TLC?

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